Church Directory

Church Phone: (757) 886-5301
Church Fax: (757) 886-5304

Associate Ministers
Minister Barbara Adams
Minister Marcellus L. Harris III (B2)
Minister Marion Kirby

Minister Donna Merritt

Minister Sharon Moore
Minister Abriel Ruffin Sr.
Minister Harry Sykes

Minister Robert Thompson  
Chairman of Deacons Email:  Deaconschair@fbcmorrison.org
Dea. Paul McCarthy
Chairman of Trustees Email:  Trusteeschair@fbcmorrison.org
Trustee Angela Diggs
Church Treasurer
Sister Charlene Carey
Sunday School Superintendent
Sister Lisa Sykes
Minister of Music  Email:  Musicministry@fbcmorrison.org
Brother Carlos Anthony
Financial Secretary  Email:  finsec@fbcmorrison.org
Sister Tara Dixon
Church Secretary  Email: Tturner@fbcmorrison.org
Sister Tamecka Turner